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Cookery Lessons

Cook up a storm as you're taught how it's done by the professionals in our range of cookery lessons. Improve and learn new skills as you cook a range of cuisine from curry to sushi.

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Vegan Cheese Making Class

Master the art of vegan cheese making with this three hour lesson where you’ll l...

Product ID: 5511

£ 139.00

Choc-Tail Making For Two

The Choc-Tails workshop is a wickedly luxurious mix of chocolate and cocktails! ...

Product ID: 5517

£ 69.00

Chocolate Making Workshop

Learn to make chocolates like the professionals throughout this fabulous worksho...

Product ID: 5692

£ 69.00

Chocolate Extravaganza Cookery Class

The ultimate of treats for any self respecting chocoholic! You will be taught...

Product ID: 5775

£ 69.00

Macaroon Class

Budding bakers can put their culinary hats on for a two hour macaroon making cla...

Product ID: 5779

£ 69.00

Half Day Chocolate Course with Canapes

Treat the special cocoa loving chocoholic in your life to a wonderfully unique c...

Product ID: 5781

£ 69.00

Chocolate Truffle Making Workshop

Prepare to enter a world of chocolatey heaven as you create your own range of ch...

Product ID: 5784

£ 69.00

Cocktail and Chocolate Making Class

Reveal your creative, culinary flair with a truly wicked combination of cocktail...

Product ID: 5785

£ 69.00

Gin Cocktail Masterclass at MAP Maison for Two

This gin cocktail making experience gives guests a chance to learn about the his...

Product ID: 5902

£ 69.00

Cookery Demonstration

Anyone who has watched the professionals whipping up a delicious dish on televis...

Product ID: 5907

£ 69.00

Hands-on Cookery Class

Whilst some people find cooking enjoyable and therapeutic, there are also those ...

Product ID: 5908

£ 69.00

Cookie Girls Cupcake Decorating Class

Cookie Girls two hour cupcake decorating class will allow you to reach a new lev...

Product ID: 5915

£ 69.00

Half Day Dim Sum Class with Lunch

Master the delicate art of Dim Sum at the London Cookery School. With over 100 ...

Product ID: 5917

£ 69.00

Italian Baking Experience

Italian food is some of the most popular all over the world and with good reason...

Product ID: 5932

£ 99.00

Artisan Bread Baking Experience

Using processes that are equal parts art and science, baking uses a delicate com...

Product ID: 5933

£ 99.00

Chocolate Heaven Baking Experience

Anyone with a sweet tooth will know that there is nothing like a freshly prepare...

Product ID: 5934

£ 99.00

Cake Baking Decorating Experience

Anyone who has ever struggled to make a cake for a special occasion, or ended up...

Product ID: 5935

£ 99.00

Half Day Chocolate Course with Canapes

Treat the special cocoa loving chocoholic in your life to a wonderfully unique c...

Product ID: 5940

£ 99.00

Seafood Cookery Class

As much as people love fish, many of us lack the confidence to deal with both th...

Product ID: 5959

£ 99.00

Indian Cookery Class

There is a lot more to Indian cooking than you may realise. The food of India is...

Product ID: 5960

£ 99.00

European Cookery Class

This cookery experience is for all those who enjoy European food. The variation ...

Product ID: 5961

£ 99.00

Moroccan Cookery Experience

This course will reveal how to prepare various aspects of a typical Moroccan fea...

Product ID: 5962

£ 99.00

Homebaking Cookery Experience

This is the perfect course for those of you who want to cook traditional favouri...

Product ID: 5963

£ 99.00

Half Day Sushi Class with Lunch

Learn how to make a variety of sushi and enjoy the fruits of your labour afterwa...

Product ID: 6009

£ 99.00

Knife Skills Workshop

Save time in the kitchen and learn to handle a knife like a professional chef so...

Product ID: 6037

£ 99.00

The Original Chocolate Making Workshop

Make your chocolate-fuelled dreams a reality with a chance to discover the art o...

Product ID: 6131

£ 49.00

Wild Food Foraging and Cookery Course

If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to cook using only the wild plants that surro...

Product ID: 6481

£ 49.00

Hands-on Cookery Experience

Enjoy a hands-on cookery lesson at a top cookery school, which is renowned for i...

Product ID: 6560

£ 44.00

Cookery School

It’s all about time in the kitchen with this glorious selection of food-inspired...

Product ID: 6598

£ 59.00

Homemade Cheese Making Kit

Whilst managing a commercial dairy, Louisa, founder of The Cheese Makers Choice,...

Product ID: 6665

Contact us for locations

£ 49.00

Piemaking at Brocklebys Bakery for Two

Brockleby’s Pie Making Evenings involve a talk on the history of bakery and the ...

Product ID: 6666

£ 34.00

Craft Beer

Discover a world of wonderful flavour with this three month speciality craft bee...

Product ID: 6726

Contact us for locations

£ 74.00


Perfect for any chocoholic who likes their cocoa fix with a twist, this three mo...

Product ID: 6727

Contact us for locations

£ 49.00

Chocolate Making Workshop

Learn to make chocolates like the professionals throughout this fabulous worksho...

Product ID: 6760

£ 69.00

Childrens Chocolate Candy Master Class

In this class you will get to make some mouth-watering Spun-Chocolate recipes in...

Product ID: 6761

£ 69.00

Introduction to Chocolate Making Course

Treat the choc-mad chocaholic in your life to this tasty introduction to chocola...

Product ID: 6762

£ 69.00

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