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Helicopter Flights

Book a helicopter flight experience with Experience the best of Britain from the air with a helicopter tour or learn from the pro's and take control yourself.

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12 Mile Helicopter Theme Flight for One

Experience a fantastic experience in a chopper - soar through the sky at up to 1...


Product ID: 1114

£99.00   £ 59.00

Helicopter Tour Over London for Two

Soar over the capital with this helicopter flight over London for two


Product ID: 1131

£298.00   £ 273.00

Helicopter Ride Over London for One

Take to the skies and see London the way it was meant to be seen - from the air!...


Product ID: 1152

£149.00   £ 129.00

Dambusters Helicopter Tour

A thrilling opportunity to appreciate a special piece of aviation history.


Product ID: 1207

£179.00   £ 149.00

30 Minute Lake District Helicopter Tour

See the stunning Lake District from above with this 30 minute flight


Product ID: 1432

£179.00   £ 149.00

25-35 Minute Extended Helicopter Pleasure Flight Special Offer

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's an extended helicopter pleasure flight spe...


Product ID: 1442

£189.00   £ 149.00

5 Minute Helicopter Buzz Flight For Two Special Offer

Now you and a friend can experience the thrill of flight with this helicopter bu...


Product ID: 1450

£95.00   £ 74.00

25-35 Minute Extended Helicopter Flight for Two Special Offer

Take to the air in a machine that looks a lot like a large blender - and take a ...


Product ID: 1685

£369.00   £ 289.00

VIP Glimpse of London Helicopter Tour with Bubbly for Two

Witness the grandeur and glory of the London skyline from the air - including bu...

Product ID: 1712

£249.00   £ 195.00

A Glimpse of London with Lunch for One

Take to the air and see the London skyline!


Product ID: 1800

£99.00   £ 75.00

10 Minute Helicopter Flight for One Special Offer

Enjoy a birds eye view of the country side, whilst experiencing flight in a heli...


Product ID: 1847

£99.00   £ 75.00

15 Minute Helicopter Pleasure Flight Special Offer

Get up in them there clouds with this brilliant helicopter flight!


Product ID: 2082

£125.00   £ 109.00

VIP Glimpse of London Helicopter Tour with Bubbly for One

Soar over the London skyline with this once-in-a-lifetime helicopter tour!


Product ID: 2124

£125.00   £ 99.00

15 Minute Helicopter Pleasure Flight for Two Special Offer

A brilliant opportunity to take to the skies with a friend and take in the stunn...


Product ID: 3258

£239.00   £ 209.00

Tactical Helicopter Flying Lesson

Discover all aspects of helicopter flight!


Product ID: 3847

£199.00   £ 97.00

5 Minute Helicopter Buzz Flight For One Special Offer

Take off into the sky with a thrilling 5 minute helicopter buzz!


Product ID: 3903

£49.00   £ 39.00

Spectacular Silverstone Helicopter Flying Lesson

Take control of a helicopter high above the famous Silverstone racetrack!


Product ID: 3938

£275.00   £ 139.00

Helicopter Pleasure Flight and Concorde Museum Experience

An unforgettable day of aerial fun with a helicopter flight, entry to The Concor...


Product ID: 3967

£110.00   £ 59.00

Helicopter Flight For Two in Scotland Special Offer

Enjoy the beautiful views of Scotland from 1000ft up!


Product ID: 3999

£95.00   £ 74.00

Blue Skies Helicopter Tour with Bubbly for Two

Enjoy a helicopter ride alongside a dazzling glass of bubbly and someone you lov...


Product ID: 1035

£ 65.00

UK City Sightseeing Helicopter Tour for One

Buckle your belts and prepare for a fantastic ride over a UK city of your choice...


Product ID: 1235

£ 89.00

Blue Skies Helicopter Tour with Bubbly for One

Enjoy an elevating experience with this incredible helicopter tour, complete wit...


Product ID: 1274

£ 32.00

30 Minute Helicopter Flight and Hover Challenge

Take the controls with a helicopter flying lesson and hover challenge!


Product ID: 1336

£ 225.00

Helicopter Flight Experience

Take to the controls of a helicopter with this 30 minute flying lesson


Product ID: 1488

£ 189.00

30 Minute Cornish Peninsular Helicopter Tour

See Cornwall from a new perspective with this 30 minute flight

Product ID: 1610

£ 149.00

Emmerdale and York Helicopter Tour

An exciting helicopter tour over highlights of Yorkshire.


Product ID: 2014

£ 179.00

30 Minute Helicopter Flight in the East Midlands

Take control of a chopper and enjoy pure excitement with this helicopter flight!

Product ID: 2279

£ 229.00

30 Minute Spires of Oxford Helicopter Tour

Take in aerial views of Oxford and the surrounding countryside

Product ID: 2739

£ 149.00

30 Minute Severn Valley and Ironbridge Helicopter Tour

Discover the beauty of the Midlands with this fantastic helicopter flight

Product ID: 2953

£ 149.00

15 Minute Helicopter Flight for Two

A thrilling 15 minute flight aboard a luxurious helicopter.


Product ID: 3075

£ 225.00

15 Minute St Ives Helicopter Tour

Fly over St Ives and Cornwall with this 15 minute helicopter flight

Product ID: 3295

£ 89.00

15 Minute Helicopter Tour

Take in unforgettable views with this 15 minute pleasure flight


Product ID: 3360

£ 89.00

Dambusters Helicopter Flight with Cream Tea

Follow the flight path of the original Dambuster pilots with this incredible hel...


Product ID: 3523

£ 115.00

15 Minute Waddesdon Manor Helicopter Tour

Take in breathtaking views of the Oxfordshire countryside with this helicopter f...

Product ID: 3594

£ 89.00

Helicopter Ride Over London for Two

Soar high in the sky and absorb the stunning sights of London from above!


Product ID: 3858

£ 250.00

Helicopter Buzz Flight for One

See how the rich and famous live with this fantastic helicopter flight!


Product ID: 4015

£ 45.00

15 Minute Helicopter Flight

A thrilling 15 minute flight aboard a luxurious helicopter


Product ID: 4210

£ 119.00

15 Minute Helicopter Flying Experience

Explore the skies in a powerful chopper and let a professional pilot teach you t...


Product ID: 4243

£ 99.00

Helicopter Sightseeing Tour for One UK Wide

Choose from a selection of fantastic sightseeing helicopter flights

Product ID: 4279

£ 175.00

30 Minute Helicopter Flying Experience

Move out of the passenger seat and learn how to fly a helicopter yourself with t...

Product ID: 4447

£ 89.00
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