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Flight Simulator Experiences in the UK

An Unforgettable Flight Simulator Experience

Whilst there are many excellent flight simulator applications available for computers, tablets and smartphones, none of these come close to the experience of training in a professional passenger jet or fighter jet flight simulator. If you want to know what it feels like to pilot a plane but you would rather not spend a small fortune on lessons just to find out or you have always wanted to fly a powerful military jet, treat yourself to one of our flight simulator experience packages today. Available at venues from Manchester in the north to Bournemouth in the south, and many locations in between, our flight simulator packages make great gifts for yourself or for those closest to you.

What to Expect During a Flight Simulator Experience

When you book a flight simulator package through us, you can expect to spend anywhere from 30 minutes to a couple of hours at the controls of a real, professional simulator that is identical to those used to train commercial and military pilots in the United Kingdom and across the globe. Whether you book a spitfire flight simulator experience or a military jet simulator experience, you will be guided at all times by an experienced professional who will help you to gain confidence and make the most of your time at the controls. The exact amount of time you will be able to spend in the simulator will depend on the package that you choose so please read the details carefully before making your choice.

Take a Trip through History with a Flight Simulator Experience

Have you ever wondered what it was like for our war hero fighter pilots? Can you imagine yourself taking the controls of a Spitfire while twirling and gliding through the air to escape the enemy? Thanks to the spitfire flight simulator experience, you can find out exactly what it was like for those who battled over the seas during the Battle of Britain in what was, at the time, considered to be the epitome of fighter jets. Modern simulators accurately emulate the flying experience so that you can feel the spitfire as your roar through the skies. Book your spitfire flight simulator experience today and be prepared to take your daring journey through history.

Booking a Flight Simulator Experience at UK Venues

Once you have found a flight simulator package in a location that is convenient for you, all you need to do is to purchase a voucher on our website and when we send you the voucher by email, we will also provide you with full booking instructions too. If you would like to make sure that your chosen flight simulator experience is available on the day you would like to book it, please do not hesitate to call and speak to a member of our team before buying your voucher.

Book Your Flight Simulator Experience Online With Us Today.

Whether you’re looking to enjoy a new adventure or want to buy the perfect gift for your better half, a flight simulator experience in the UK may be the perfect solution. Call us today on 01376 809010 if you need help finding the right package.

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1 Hour Flight Simulator Experience

A one-hour flight in a flight simulator used to train commercial pilots, where y...


Product ID: 1164

£ 95.00

30 Minute Flight Simulator Experience

A thirty-minute flight in a professional flight simulator with exact replica con...


Product ID: 1514

£ 55.00

2 Hour Flight Simulator Experience

A two-hour flight in a flight simulator used to train commercial pilots, where y...


Product ID: 1521

£ 180.00

Flight Simulator Experience - 90 Minutes

Fly around the world in your choice of three professional simulators and learn a...


Product ID: 1645

£ 175.00

30 Minute Fighter Pilot Flight Simulator Experience

The ultimate flight simulator - take control in the cockpit of a real fighter je...


Product ID: 1711

£ 39.00

60 Minute Fighter Pilot Flight Simulator Experience

Spend an hour in control of a real fighter jet with a flight simulator experienc...


Product ID: 1952

£ 69.00

90 Minute Flight Simulator Experience

Command the cockpit from the safety of the ground!


Product ID: 2101

£ 169.00

Flight Simulator Experience – 60 Minutes

Step into a pilot’s shoes for 90 minutes with this superior flight simulator exp...


Product ID: 2226

£ 125.00

60 Minute Flight Simulator Experience

Take control of a Boeing 737!


Product ID: 2297

£ 134.00

30 Minute Full Motion Jet Flight Simulator Experience

Get a taste of the ultimate flight simulator that real pilots train in!

Product ID: 3437

£ 335.00

30 Minute Flight Simulator Experience in Northamptonshire

Take to the virtual skies with this amazing experience


Product ID: 3665

£ 99.00

2 for 1 30 Minute Flight Simulator Experience

Take to the skies whilst remaining on the ground with this flight simulator expe...


Product ID: 3748

£ 85.00

2 for 1 60 Minute Flight Simulator Experience

Enjoy the thrill of flying with a friend with a flight simulator experience


Product ID: 3755

£ 129.00

20 Minute Flight Simulator Experience

Learn how to fly without leaving the ground with this 20 minute flight simulator...


Product ID: 3757

£ 59.00

2 for 1 90 Minute Flight Simulator Experience

Learn how to fly a jet with this thrilling 90 minute flight simulator experience


Product ID: 3759

£ 149.00

Air Traffic Control Experience Day

Experience the exciting world of Air Traffic Control and even try the simulators...

Product ID: 4085

£ 299.00

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