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Prestwold Hall Driving Experiences

Take a look at some amazing Prestwold Hall driving experience and learn how to professionally drive and control a rally car with an instructor, or if you like a bit more speed why not get behind the wheel of amazing supercars including an Aston Martin, Lamborghini, Ferrari, and Porsche. Challenging circuits and hair raising power slides await you on this brilliant 1.8-mile circuit.

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Ferrari and Lamborghini Driving Blast

Drive the incredible Ferrari and the amazing Lamborghini for 3 miles each - avai...


Product ID: 1018

£79.00   £ 59.00

Ferrari and Aston Martin Driving Blast

Pit the best of British against the Italian giant with this incredible driving e...


Product ID: 1059

£79.00   £ 59.00

Lamborghini and Aston Martin Driving Blast

Pit British class against Italian style with this incredible driving experience


Product ID: 1067

£79.00   £ 59.00

Lamborghini Driving Blast

Drive the stylish, sleek and stunning Lamborghini at one of 14 locations includi...


Product ID: 1230

£59.00   £ 39.00

Lamborghini Driving Thrill with Passenger Ride

Save and take the wheel of the stylish, sleek and powerful Lamborghini!


Product ID: 1329

£124.00   £ 69.00

Ferrari Driving Blast

Drive the incredible Ferrari for 3 miles at one of 15 locations


Product ID: 1335

£59.00   £ 39.00

Junior Supercar Driving Thrill with Passenger Ride – Leicester

Treat them to this fantastic junior supercar driving experience for one complete...


Product ID: 1360

£104.00   £ 69.00

Supercar Driving Thrill with Passenger Ride

Take the wheel of a supercar of your choice for up to six miles!


Product ID: 1370

£124.00   £ 69.00

Porsche Driving Experience

The eternal supercar - nothing looks or drives quite like it…


Product ID: 1409

£129.00   £ 99.00

Audi R8 Driving Experience

Drive the Audi R8 on this sensational Audi driving experience


Product ID: 1425

£129.00   £ 99.00

Aston Martin Driving Experience

Favourite of secret agents and footballers alike, the awesome Aston Martin await...


Product ID: 1473

£99.00   £ 89.00

Audi R8 and Ferrari Thrill

Combine the ultimate supercar with the thrilling new R8


Product ID: 1798

£199.00   £ 159.00

Rally Driving Thrill with Passenger Ride

Take to the dirt track with this amazing special offer - save 39%


Product ID: 1875

£148.00   £ 89.00

Four Supercar Driving Thrill with Passenger Ride

Drive four supercars and enjoy a high-speed passenger ride!


Product ID: 2445

£596.00   £ 299.00

Nissan GTR vs. Lamborghini Gallardo Showdown

Pit the Nissan GTR head to head with a Lamborghini

Product ID: 2490

£245.00   £ 159.00

Four Supercar Driving Thrill - Weekends

Drive four fantastic supercars and save 42% with this great special offer!


Product ID: 2723

£516.00   £ 299.00

Five Supercar Driving Thrill

Save 34% and take control of five fantastic supercars - the ultimate thrill!

Product ID: 2754

£329.00   £ 299.00

Rally and Track Driving Experience

A winning combination: stylish super cars and thrilling rally cars


Product ID: 2875

£425.00   £ 289.00

Ferrari Driving Experience

Have you dreamed about a high-speed Ferrari drive? This driving session will mak...


Product ID: 2910

£129.00   £ 99.00

Audi R8 and Lamborghini Gallardo Driving Thrill

Drive the exciting new Audi R8 together with the stylish Lamborghini Gallardo


Product ID: 2926

£199.00   £ 159.00

Five Supercar Driving Thrill with Passenger Ride

Save 53% and drive five fantastic supercars with this great special offer

Product ID: 3681

£745.00   £ 349.00

Lamborghini Driving Experience

A mighty Lamborghini driving day - drive a Lamborghini Gallardo


Product ID: 3715

£129.00   £ 99.00

Ferrari and Aston Martin Driving Experience - Weekends

Make the dream of driving the world’s most famous Supercars a reality


Product ID: 3927

£199.00   £ 159.00

Audi R8 and Aston Martin Thrill - Weekends

Combine the inspiring new Audi R8 with a British classic


Product ID: 4226

£199.00   £ 159.00

Aston Martin Driving Blast

Take the wheel of the best of British with this Aston Martin driving experience


Product ID: 1233

£ 39.00

Nissan GTR Weekend Drive

Burn some rubber in the impressive Nissan GTR


Product ID: 1392

£ 89.00

Ferrari and Lamborghini Driving Thrill with Passenger Ride

Discover pure Italian power and take control of the Ferrari and Lamborghini for ...


Product ID: 1421

£ 119.00

Lamborghini and Aston Martin Driving Thrill with Passenger Ride

Tear up the tarmac in the Lamborghini and Aston Martin for six miles each


Product ID: 1556

£ 119.00

Rally Driving Taster Experience

Have a go at rally driving in this taster experience


Product ID: 1722

£ 89.00

Rally Silver Experience at Prestwold Hall

Have you got what it takes to be a great driver?


Product ID: 1726

£ 149.00

Rally Gold Experience at Prestwold Hall

Indulge yourself with a full day of hair raising rally driving mayhem!


Product ID: 1749

£ 289.00

Ferrari 458 Driving Thrill with Free Passenger Ride

Take control of the Ferrari 458 - a truly outstanding supercar!


Product ID: 1755

£ 125.00

Lamborghini Aventador Driving Blast

Take the controls of a stunning Lamborghini Aventador for three thrilling miles


Product ID: 1927

£ 89.00

McLaren vs Ferrari 458 Driving Thrill

Drive two of the most spectacular supercars in the world - the Ferrari and the M...


Product ID: 1929

£ 199.00

BMW i8 Driving Thrill

Discover the true meaning of electric with this six-mile driving experience in t...


Product ID: 2120

£ 89.00

Ultimate Lamborghini Driving Thrill with Passenger Ride

Drive three incredible Lamborghini supercars for up to 7.2 miles each!


Product ID: 2236

£ 279.00

McLaren 570S Thrill

Take one of the world’s most innovative supercars for a six-mile race around a t...


Product ID: 2294

£ 125.00

Lamborghini Huracan Blast

Jump in the driving seat of an incredible Lamborghini Huracan for three thrillin...

Product ID: 2856

£ 89.00

Junior Double Supercar Driving Thrill with Passenger Ride and Free Photo

Give a youngster a chance to experience driving two supercars of their choice!


Product ID: 3166

£ 139.00

Porsche 997 Driving Thrill

Widely regarded as the best real-world super car, the Porsche 997 turbo will blo...


Product ID: 3589

£ 89.00

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