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Country Pursuits

If you love the outdoors then browse our amazing range of country pursuits experiences which include just about every outdoor activity you can think of. You can buy outdoor pursuits vouchers as a gift or contact us to book in your and your group for an outdoor adventure.

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Abseiling for Two

For those with a thirst for adrenaline and a love of the extreme, abseiling can ...

Product ID: 6574

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£79.00   £ 49.00

Clay Pigeon Shooting with Seasonal Refreshments

Whether you are a seasoned professional or a complete beginner, this fantastic o...

Product ID: 6576

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£79.00   £ 44.00

Clay Pigeon Shooting for Two with 100 Clays

What starts out as an addictive hobby quickly becomes a competitive sport. It's ...

Product ID: 6577

£159.00   £ 79.00

Adrenaline Rush

Ever wanted to try something exhilarating? This adventurous gift offers you the ...

Product ID: 6596

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£99.00   £ 49.00

Paintball Combat for Eight

This is the ultimate game of elimination and exhilaration, easily one of the mos...

Product ID: 5413

£ 79.00

Shooting Archery for Two at Twinwoods

Since the dawn of time, man has had to forage for food and it was the invention ...

Product ID: 5520

£ 75.00

Shooting Archery for One at Twinwoods

This experience combines archery with a more modern form of target practice usin...

Product ID: 5521

£ 39.00

Extreme Adventure Day Package

Anyone with a friend or family member who craves excitement and adventure can gi...

Product ID: 5539

£ 90.00

The Radical Adventure Package

For adrenaline junkies, any special occasion is a great excuse for them to try s...

Product ID: 5542

£ 70.00

Salt Cave Experience for One Adult One Child

Relax in and soak up the healing micro-climate produced by natural salt caves, a...

Product ID: 5595

£ 35.00

Adventure Day Plus

Fly on the longest and fastest zip wire in England then choose to next to either...

Product ID: 5643

£ 48.00

White Water Tubing Experience for Two

Try your hand at this unique, adrenaline pumping water experience. Challenge you...

Product ID: 5672

£ 59.00

Half Day Caving Experience for Two

Caving is a sport for all, a chance to see the very stuff our planet is made of....

Product ID: 5677

£ 69.00

Abseiling and Frisbee Golf for Two

Mendip Outdoor Pursuits is situated among the beautiful lakes and gorges of the ...

Product ID: 5789

£ 59.00

Zorbing for Two

Zorbing is a thrilling extreme sport that will guarantee one of the biggest adre...

Product ID: 5875

£ 49.00

Adventure Day Plus for Two

Hangloose@Eden is home to some of the country’s best adrenaline activity rides, ...

Product ID: 5946

£ 95.00

Countryside Walking Break

An aerial view of almost any area in the UK will reveal an extensive network of ...

Product ID: 5951

£ 99.00

Two Night Camping Experience

Escape the stresses of modern day living and get closer to nature with this fant...

Product ID: 5970

£ 99.00

Fly Fishing

Enjoy personal tuition from a professional instructor on one of the UK's beautif...

Product ID: 5991

£ 99.00

50 Lap Karting Race for Two

Enjoy a thrilling day of high-speed fun with this 50 Lap Karting Race for Two. ...

Product ID: 5992

£ 99.00

Adrenaline Junkie Plus for Two

Hangloose@Eden is home to some of the country’s best adrenaline activity rides, ...

Product ID: 6032

£ 109.00

Adrenaline Junkie Plus

Hangloose@Eden is home to some of the country’s best adrenaline activity rides, ...

Product ID: 6035

£ 55.00

Acropolis Day

Rallying is one of the most exciting motorsports around and the fact that the hi...

Product ID: 6061

£ 324.00

Air Rifle Shooting Experience with Exploding Targets

If you think you’re a natural crack-shot with a rifle, this Air Rifle shooting e...

Product ID: 6062

£ 29.00

Aqua Zorbing

Try something different with this extreme adrenaline rush experience. You’ll be ...

Product ID: 6087

£ 49.00

Zorbing for Two

Grab a fellow adrenaline junkie and get your zorb on! Originating from the land ...

Product ID: 6107

£ 54.00

Black Hole Zorbing Experience for Two

Do you have an adrenaline junkie or thrill seeker in your life in need of a seri...

Product ID: 6113

£ 99.00

Raft Building

Raft building has to be one of the ultimate quick thinking, team building experi...

Product ID: 6121

£ 49.00

Archery Taster for Two

Archery is a fun sport that has been around for centuries. An art dating back 10...

Product ID: 6123

£ 54.00

Winter Water Zorbing Experience for Four

Have you ever thought of impressing your friends by walking on water? Well, now ...

Product ID: 6152

£ 54.00

Bushcraft Experience with Wild Survivor

Unleash your inner Bear Grylls and learn how to survive in the wilderness with t...

Product ID: 6155

£ 79.00

Wildfowl Wetlands Trust Membership

PLEASE NOTE: This voucher can only be used for new memberships, it cannot be use...

Product ID: 6156

£ 49.00

Winter Water Zorbing Experience for Two

Have you ever thought of impressing someone by walking on water? Well, now you c...

Product ID: 6157

£ 29.00

Zombie Apocalypse Training

The world has descended into a state of panic, the infestation of a gruesome vir...

Product ID: 6158

£ 49.00

Zombie Apocalypse Training for Two

This highly fun experience will teach you and a friend all the skills you need t...

Product ID: 6159

£ 94.00

Survival in the Wild Weekend Course

It's the ultimate adventure: surviving in the wild with only your new-found skil...

Product ID: 6167

£ 199.00

55 Mile Helicopter Flight

Enjoy wonderful views as you fly over beautiful scenic towns and villages, prese...

Product ID: 6252

£ 179.00

25 Mile Helicopter Flight

Enjoy a thrilling 25 mile aerial adventure of unobstructed views with this fabul...

Product ID: 6253

£ 124.00

Spy Academy

A fantastic fun packed event to test the ultimate ‘spook’ within you. Your exper...

Product ID: 6257

£ 99.00

JCB Digging

Unearth a real sense of fun and adventure with this fun-filled JCB Digging exper...

Product ID: 6265

£ 99.00
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